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Calling All Family Leaders


Your Family Needs You!

One of the unique prevalent rituals and long standing experiences generated within and by Black families in America is that of the “Family Reunions”. Traditionally they are seen as celebratory, leisure, recreational, and inspirational events.

In each family there usually is an individual or small group who assumes the responsibility to serve as catalyst, organizers, planners, and communicators for such multi-generational gatherings of kith and kin on a cyclical basis or commemorative date or event. We are specifically calling on this person or persons in the family grouping to activate your sources and resources to address the challenge presented to your family in this request.

To achieve our first objective of getting our reunion families registered as member families of NAAFRA, we must consecrate our efforts on initiating the following actions:

  • Register our own family with NAAFRA, including all families married into your family by following the steps on our website.
  • Become a NAAFRA man/woman as agents of change by talking with family members, friends, neighbors, and strangers about this movement to usher in the change we want.

Within NAAFRA there are a growing number of veterans who are signing on as members of NAAFRA’s Veteran Advisory Planning Committee. These men/women are needed for their experience gained through service to our nation, and are willing to bring this knowledge into service to our NAAFRA families.

We seek information and extend an invitation to any family member who are educated, and trained in areas that can serve our families on advisory committees, so please come forward with this information to help usher in the change we want.

Let calendar year 2013 become Black Family Amerika’s signature year of change, beginning December 26, 2012 where we all take individual mental vows to support the forward push for the positive change the NAAFRA movement will bring!

So let's get the ball rolling. Click Family Registration to register yourself and your family today. Click Social Media and set up your family group and start inviting family members to join. Registration is completely free!


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