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100 Million Dollar Perpetual Fund’ for change

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The National Afrikan Amerikan Family Reunion Association, NAAFRA, a non-profit workable plan established for the purpose of evolving a ‘100 Million Dollar Unity Fund’ to finance eliminating all impoverished conditions among all afflicted Amerikan Families.


By looking inward to the resources available within Black Families, churches, professional community, musical, Hip-Hop/Rap Nation, R&B, Business at all levels, and Cooperate Amerika among the entertainment world, sports nation, and the wealthy, for the funds to evolve this perpetual fund; for the purpose of creating jobs, building infrastructure, reuniting families of formerly incarcerated members, providing new affordable greenology homes.


This ‘100 Million Dollar Perpetual Unity Fund’ can help buy us the time required to do the body of work protecting our children, purging our police departments across Amerika of all killer cops before they murder the next victim, the guns and drugs out of our communities that kill more of our children than all racist cops; which is why the !00 Million Dollar Perpetual Unity fund is necessary.


Our ‘Perpetual Fund’ is a means of paying the descendents of slavery a type of ‘reparations’ due to the fact this is a tax-deductible fund, to give our nation time to come to her senses that tells her she owe a debt of ‘reparation’ as compensation for slavery; as we begin to heal ourselves as first class citizens.

Donations  can be made and participants registered at this site for  building the ‘100 Million Dollar Perpetual Fund’ for Change. NAAFRA is a 5013c non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.


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