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Connecting and Strengthening Families


Posted by Donald Evans
Donald Evans
Dr. Donald Ray Evans, Sr. is a twice retired civil servant, with degrees. One in
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on Friday, 10 May 2013 in Naafra - Connecting and Making Families Stronger


The National Afrikan-Amerikan Family Reunion Association (NAAFRA) is a nonprofit movement seeking to legally link all existing Afrikan-Amerikan family reunions into one organization for the purpose of collective development and self-determination. It is an organization with a primary focus of improving the economic situation and condition of the Afrikan-Amerikan family. Having no political, religious or social obligations to any other entity will make it less problematic for staying on point with the primary NAAFRA mission.

History clearly shows that when other agenda get into the formula, black groups end up attempting to serve cross-purposes. This leads to division in the ranks when, in reality, unity is of paramount importance. In our view, the greatest example of Afrikan-Amerikan unity is recorded in the history of Marcus Mosiah Garvey’s “Universal Negro Improvement Association” (UNIA) which had such a high level of success that it caused a very powerful group of hostile forces to move against him. 


In fact, other agendas aside from the U.S. government, European governments were involved because they felt the UNIA was a threat to the stability of their colonies. The Communists opposed it because they felt that the UNIA kept black workers out of their grasp. Even the NAAACP and other black groups were against the UNIA.

The UNIA was always wise to be on guard against the unscrupulous opportunists who were always working for their own personal gain. All NAAFRA members must develop the “will” to read and study such works as Tony Martin’s, Race First, which is the best essay on Marcus Garvey and the UNIA.

There are several other organizations we should study in order to understand how those with different agendas will seek to impede the positive progress of those who seem to have the attention of the masses. We must not fail to study the accomplishments of Booker T. Washington and his Tuskegee University staff in Alabama; nor the body of work accomplished by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam. Each one of these organizations can teach NAAFRA much about the pitfalls that lie ahead, both externally and within our own ranks.

For those truly wanting to bring about positive change for our people, you are invited to understand, NAAFRA is not an organization that belongs to any one individual. Each member must feel and believe – and BE – a part of this organization. They will be free to contribute their ideas to shaping the mindset of NAAFRA at any time in order to assist in ringing about our unification.  This will lead to positive change. 

This is how NAAFRA must work. You are invited to get involved, to usher in the change we seek, need, and deserve.

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Dr. Donald Ray Evans, Sr. is a twice retired civil servant, with degrees. One in Africana Studies and the other in Sociology. As a 26 year military (Air Force) man and 21 year postal carrier (Retired) Donald Evans, Sr. earned an Honorary Doctorate from Stephens Bible College in Theology. He is a Life member of the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice and a recipient of their Medgar Evers Humanitarian Award. Dr. Evans' accomplishments are too numerous to list here.


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