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Connecting and Strengthening Families


Posted by nathaniel perkins-ali
nathaniel perkins-ali
Nathaniel Perkins-Ali is the Co-Founder and Executive Director at The Nnational
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on Monday, 25 March 2013 in Naafra - Connecting and Making Families Stronger

By Nathaniel Perkins-Ali

           When the first African was told he was free, former slaves began seeking to reunite those family members who were sold off and divided as a means of destroying family unity and the means to establishing economic wealth. These searches became known as Family Reunions. For most families it became a life quest. We were close to rebuilding what was stolen with Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma as a model. And once again we were set on a trek of rebuilding families’ self-esteem and self-empowerment.

           The National Afrikan-Amerikan Family Reunion (NAAFRA), the brainchild of Dr. Donald R. Evans, Sr., an 85 year-old former military strategist and civil servant, 26 years Air Force (retired) and 21 years Postal Service (retired), is an idea whose time has come. NAAFRA is a registry that links family reunions nationally by having their activities posted nationwide for all families connected to that family reunion to see. All families must be registered with NAAFRA remaining autonomous unless participating in a collective economic project. Whenever there is a national project that requires a united effort, the network will be activated and asked to participate after extensive dialogue, investigation and feedback. For instance, a NAAFRA Book Club with a 1 million family membership could: (1) catapult a self-published Black Author to the best sellers list in much the same manner as Oprah’s Book Club does for authors. (2) Black Book Stores nationwide can be sustained and supported with a built-in network of guaranteed success.

           When we think of family reunions today, we envision the images the media has given us over the years. Images of barbeques, competitive activities and fun and game environments, images of one big feel good session leaving you emptied until next year. Then, we meet up again to repeat these routine unsatisfying rituals.

          This concept is cutting edge for 21st Century job creation and maintaining economic control of production, distribution and selling. Families are not asked to pay a dime for this exclusive membership. The only requirement is that you go to the website and register your family. Your family must have a designated contact who will manage your account and activities. When signing up your family reunion, you must create a group profile with a pin for other family members to sign onto the group. The uniqueness of NAAFRA is that any family can create products and services that are marketable from this network.

For more information about NAAFRA go to www.naafra.org., or contact Dr. Donald R. Evans, Sr. at 213 247-4189, e-mail: [email protected] or Nathaniel Ali at 323 495-8605, e-mail: [email protected].   

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Nathaniel Perkins-Ali is the Co-Founder and Executive Director at The Nnational Association of Brothers and Sisters In & Out (NABSIO). NABSIO was founded to eliminate the conditions that create functional illiteracy inside and outside of prisons nationwide and that give rise to addiction, criminal behavior and other social ills.

Nathaniel has received the LAUSD Star Award, 1998; and Who's Who in America 1998, 2009;

He has a B.A. Degree in Human Resources; he's a Million Man Marcher, 1995; NAACP Member; Millions More Movement; and Who's Who of Professionals (1998)


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