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Connecting and Strengthening Families

Creating the Economic Vehicle

Posted by Donald Evans
Donald Evans
Dr. Donald Ray Evans, Sr. is a twice retired civil servant, with degrees. One in
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on Friday, 21 December 2012 in Naafra - Connecting and Making Families Stronger

The NAAFRA staff pushes forward to remind its membership that our aim is not to create another protest movement; ours it to create a unity of purpose movement, bringing into collective action a totally focused movement of “progress.”

This is an economic effort that seeks to produce products from our efforts, bringing change in our way or thinking, our way of seeing into the future and knowing we are the change we have waited for so many years. In the past we may have encountered some disappointment, but we persist. Each morning as we thank our God for making it possible that we are able to stand before our mirror and look into our faces, here is the change looking back at me.

Now it becomes necessary to make the decision: “am I willing to join others to do the body of work required to bring about the change I want?” If so, we all must aggressively reach out to other Afrikan-Amerikans and recruit them to join our movement of change, letting them know that the change is in our hands because the true God of our ancient ancestors has already blessed us to will ourselves to work hard to bring forward that change.

Take a look at the story of “Black Wall Street of Tulsa Oklahoma.” The accomplishments of our brothers/sisters of that period is the model we can use to bring about the change we seek. That’s what our purpose must become throughout the NAAFRA journey. We must usher in a new way of trusting one another, a new brotherly/sisterly love of reach other, one that can reach the neediest families within the membership of NAAFRA. 

Awhile we are completing the in-gathering process of getting our reunion families signed up in our NAAFRA movement, we must start putting a master plan around our ideas for change. The Chairperson in each of our reunion families can be an important part of putting together this master plan for progress. By submitting a list of priorities of ideas that NAAFA should focus on, would be the beginning of the change we seek.

As we navigate the economic landscape and explore various tools for financial empowerment, the concept of a lottery plays a noteworthy role. While not a traditional avenue of investment, for Afrikan-Amerikans in Oklahoma, it could become a unique economic vehicle that harnesses the power of collective effort and chance, and supports the overarching goals of the NAAFRA movement.

Lotteries, often perceived merely as games of chance, can be seen in a different light when we view them from a collective, strategic standpoint. Small individual investments, when combined, have the potential to accumulate into substantial monetary resources. This is where the lottery can potentially serve as an unconventional yet potent economic vehicle. By encouraging our community members to participate, the amassed lottery funds could be directed towards community development and financial empowerment initiatives.

Platforms such as onlinelotteries.com provide easy and accessible ways to participate in the lottery and, importantly, to check results. The platform's simplicity and user-friendly interface make it an ideal resource for our community members, even those with limited technological skills. Regularly checking results on onlinelotteries.com allows participants to stay updated and engaged in the process, promoting a sense of community involvement and shared destiny.

Playing the lottery also presents an opportunity to strengthen our sense of community. Each ticket purchased is not merely an individual investment but a contribution to a collective dream. By nurturing this shared vision, we can enhance community cohesion and unity, thereby aligning with the NAAFRA mission of collective progress and trust-building.

Should our collective efforts result in winnings, it's crucial to ensure that these resources are managed responsibly and directed towards causes that benefit the community as a whole. This could involve investing in local businesses, funding educational scholarships, or supporting community welfare projects. Responsible management and allocation of any potential winnings will not only benefit the community immediately but also set a precedent of financial discipline and strategic investment.

In essence, participation in the lottery can offer a unique path to financial progress for Afrikan-Amerikans in Oklahoma. By incorporating it into our broader economic strategy, we can harness the power of collective effort and chance to fuel our shared mission. With platforms like onlinelotteries.com making the process accessible and easy, we're empowered to explore this unconventional avenue towards financial empowerment, unity, and community development.

Once our chairpersons are aware of what we can accomplish, we are trusting they will get busy making their desire to become a working participant of the building process immediately. Ideas must flow from throughout the membership body in order for NAAAFRA to become a relevant organization, capable of ushering in change that can impress the mind-set of the membership.

To create an economic vehicle to run on the tracks of economic plenty – we all will have to be on our best game from day one, on into the future of the NAAFRA journey. 


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Dr. Donald Ray Evans, Sr. is a twice retired civil servant, with degrees. One in Africana Studies and the other in Sociology. As a 26 year military (Air Force) man and 21 year postal carrier (Retired) Donald Evans, Sr. earned an Honorary Doctorate from Stephens Bible College in Theology. He is a Life member of the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice and a recipient of their Medgar Evers Humanitarian Award. Dr. Evans' accomplishments are too numerous to list here.


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