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Connecting and Strengthening Families

Black Family Alliance

Posted by Donald Evans
Donald Evans
Dr. Donald Ray Evans, Sr. is a twice retired civil servant, with degrees. One in
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on Saturday, 27 April 2013 in Naafra - Connecting and Making Families Stronger

The National Afrikan Amerikan Family Reunion Association (NAAFRA), the voice of Black Family Amerika, will not continue to accept the present economic status quo for the Black Family; not now; not tomorrow; nor anytime in the future of our existence in this society. Looking forward through the lens of hope, the future may indeed appear hopeless, still I recall the words of my grandmother Cynthia Rogers, “Never look upon yourself as a failure, whenever in doubt of yourself, look inward and find what your family has put in your mind, and you will be alright.” Thus NAAFRA does not step forward onto the stage of humanity to discuss the negativity stigma presently assigned to the Black Family by this society. We come to announce a new path leading to economic security for all Black Family Amerika, security that introduces a new unity waking in Amerika. A unit that recalls the history that we know as “Black Wall Street” out of the state of Oklahoma, with a vision that says, “What our people did once we can and will do again.” Trinity Cross Foundation, out of Los Angeles, California with a vision to establish “Family Reunion Resorts” in the Motherland, in the Afrikan Diaspora and here in Amerika.

Growing inside of this new unity of change is a black Family Alliance umbrella that invites any Afrikan organization to join the alliance, to give strength to the collective voice of the Black Family. Joining strength with the alliance will not interfere with an organization’s charted mission, on the journey of establishing the largest Black Family organization since the Hon. Marcus Garvey. 

The collective voice of Black Family Amerika, NAAFRA, encourages all families, businesses, organizations, and church families to join the movement to build this new unity for positive and lasting change in the spirit of the Afrikan’s ancient ancestors, under the blessing of our Creator.



Dr. Donald R. Evans, Sr.



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Dr. Donald Ray Evans, Sr. is a twice retired civil servant, with degrees. One in Africana Studies and the other in Sociology. As a 26 year military (Air Force) man and 21 year postal carrier (Retired) Donald Evans, Sr. earned an Honorary Doctorate from Stephens Bible College in Theology. He is a Life member of the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice and a recipient of their Medgar Evers Humanitarian Award. Dr. Evans' accomplishments are too numerous to list here.


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